Mechanical men's watches and tips for choosing

It is hardly possible to find a more versatile accessory that can simultaneously emphasize the status of a man and perform practical functions than a mechanical wrist watch. Familiar, at first glance, the accessory has a much greater influence on men than it might seem at first glance, which is why their choice should be taken as carefully as possible. This is especially true for the choice of the brand of the product, because not only the quality, but also the appearance depends on it. 

There are two main watch movements: mechanical and quartz. The mechanical clock is the oldest invention for telling time. This mechanism is not difficult to operate: it requires only a timely plant. Products with mechanics are priced more expensive than quartz counterparts. This is due to the fact that the manufacture of the mechanism requires manual assembly, which, of course, is a rather lengthy process. Mechanical models can be called flawless, with the exception of a possible time shift of 20-40 seconds forward or backward after a sufficiently long period of operation. Such a number of seconds is not even noticed, but it is necessary to check the clock periodically.

The only disadvantage of using mechanical wrist accessories was the need for daily winding, but this problem has long been solved: modern models are equipped with an automatic winding function, thanks to which the watch movement is always in motion.

Modern manufacturers offer a huge range of mechanical watches. Depending on the material, steel, gold, silver are distinguished. Watches made of precious metals are, of course, a prestigious, expensive thing, but also less practical than stainless steel watches. According to the presence of additional built-in functions, watches can be with an alarm clock, chronograph, calendar, commander's. Such functions are a great addition to the watch.
According to the type of case, shockproof, waterproof, jewelry are divided.

The jewelry case is made of precious metals with an embossed texture that forms a pattern. Most often, the body is decorated with stones, rhinestones.
The shockproof case is more reliable than the usual one. It is assumed that such watches are not afraid of falling, but precautions should be observed.
Waterproof models can be distinguished as the most practical. They do not need to be removed, for example, to take a shower or wash hands. However, they are not designed to be submerged under water. On the back of the case, the level of protection against water is indicated.

How to choose?

The choice should be made based on a number of criteria. An ideal match to each of them is a guarantee of a successful choice.

1. The budget that a man is willing to spend on a mechanical watch should be determined before going to a specialized boutique. Based on this choice, it is worth looking closely at the models and evaluating them according to the following criteria, on which the price will depend. Properly set priorities will make it possible to choose the right model without exceeding the established purchase budget.
2. A reliable case will provide proper protection to the mechanism, which will directly affect the service life of the watch. Look for stronger materials such as stainless steel, titanium or carbon. These materials are recommended as the most reliable. Also, the case back has important information: country of manufacture, water resistance, mechanism type. The engraved information will not be erased from wear, which means it will not be lost.
3. The method of fixing the watch on the hand performs both aesthetic and practical functions: the strap must firmly hold the watch on the hand and look attractive and stylish. When choosing a strap, give preference to better models: neatly stitched, with good fittings. Modern manufacturers offer watches with a strap made of textile, steel, rubber, leather. Leather and steel straps are timeless classics worthy of attention. For more sporty models, textiles are more preferable as a material.
4. Just like the case, the glass performs the protective function of the watch mechanism itself. Currently, manufacturers offer three types of glasses: plastic, mineral, sapphire. Plastic glasses are the most budget option for the low price segment, like mineral ones. Sapphire glasses are exclusively premium class, as they are the most expensive and reliable.

The choice of watches is the choice of a part of a man's image, so every detail is so important. Carefully study the product: the size and location of the hands, the sound of movement, the color and texture of the bracelet, the main color of the case, decorative elements. It is the details that complete the image, create a complete picture, so you need to choose the right watch.

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